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There are a large number of micro bodies’ fungi and bacteria which builds up in a vehicles air con system. Apart from the unpleasant odours there are also possible health risks involved. We recommend you have your A/C System sanitised regularly.

This safe but yet simple application will guard against sore eyes and throats caused by air contamination, helps to eradicate pollen spores and will remove nicotine and other odours from the interior of your vehicle. The sanitiser used protects against Swine Flu, MRSA and E. Coli, making it an essential ingredient.

Unlike many fogging and un safe products on the market we use an A/C sanitizer which contains a bactecide, algaecide and fungicide which passes stringent BS EN 1276 Microbicidal Testing in a medical grade carrier giving you reassurance that your A/C system is bacteria free and running at 100% efficiently.

The Car Air Conditioning system in your vehicle is not usually covered by most manufacturers servicing schedules and the refrigerant gas that is used to operate the system depletes over time. On average most vehicles lose up to 15% per annum this problem can be caused when the system is not used during the winter months allowing the small “O” ring seals to dry out resulting in a gradual deterioration in system performance eventually resulting in the system being too low to operate at all.

Most problems of this type can be put right fairly easily by a leak check of your system followed by a complete refill of your air conditioning refrigerant, this is sometimes referred to as a re-gas.

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